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What To Feed Baby Kittens

what to feed baby kittens

what to feed baby kittens - Petz Catz

Petz Catz Playground

Petz Catz Playground

In Ubisoft's Petz Catz Playground, care and bond with the cutest kittens! With so many breeds to choose from, every kitten is unique. They might grow into clumsy, lazy cats who like naps, or talented superstars. Lazy or active, each cat will need to be well-fed and cared for to be happy. Play fun activities and discover each cat's personality. After raising a few kittens into catz, you may even breed them and send them to Petz Nursery to care for them. Once they are grown they can come back to the Catz Playground and play all the fun activities.

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"Where's the foo-ood?"

"Where's the foo-ood?"

These kittens are something else! They either are tuned into me and can read my mind; or they have some other sense that I simply can't phatom...

From the previous day, as some of you who follow this kitten story will know, I have grappled with the fact that I have to stop slipping them all that food and milk through the fence openings before people catch on, and I get in trouble with my landlord. I have felt the attitude of both little children and adults towards the presence of these little creatures become more and more intolerant. Only one of them needs to complain about a piece of food on the ground for things to explode.

Well, I thought that the expected rains -- which haven't hit this area, yet -- might be the right time for me to withhold a feeding. On the other hand, at this time, there are already six regular ferals that come to my front door after midnight to eat, including the black momma cat. The idea of having three more around one "dinner plate" kind of daunts me a bit, to tell you the truth. Though, in the past, I've fed as many as 11-12; but that was under the shield of parked cars on the lot below.

So here they were waiting so patiently and so ostentatiously :-) I finally gave in and fixed my regular mixture of dry and moist catfood, except that I added some chunks of chicken liver to make the transition easier. As soon as I opened the door, momma cat came running up the stairs. But this was not after midnight, when my neighbors lay on one ear! So, I went downstairs, only to see the three tiny, tiny kittens (they are so small when you see them in front of you!) coming towards me. Looking at me to see what they were getting :-)

I decided there and then to try and get them to the parking lot. And, unbelievable! ...they followed me as if I were the Pied Piper of Hamlin to a safe, pitch-dark spot where I placed their food and milk under the front end of one of the cars, against the concrete "stopper". It's really the safest place for food: people don't look at the dark space between the noses of the cars and the outside walls of the apartments; besides, when it starts to rain, everything stays dry. I also don't have to worry picking up any left-overs as soon as possible; I can do that the next day. And the guy who sweeps the grounds in the morning likes cats and will leave the milk bowl out :-)

This morning, I did the same thing with another portion of food. They hear me coming down the stairs; and, this time, the three followed me even when momma cat was nowhere in sight. Aren't they good little students?

The embedded picture is a bit fuzzy; but I like how the tabbies look up at their mother :-)

Baby Hedgehog

Baby Hedgehog

We had to rescue this little guy earlier today.

He was walking around a bricked in outdoor parking area between two parking houses. The only exit was a tiny little hole in a fence that led out to a few meter green strip adjacent to the main road. I tried to get him to go though the little hole, hoping his parents were there, but he flatly refused. He kept turning around and coming back.

This guy was out alone during daytime which is unusual for hedgehogs. He looked helpless, lost and hungry. Had he stayed where he was he would have been flattened by a car within a few hours at most (unfortunately that is probably what happened to his parents).

After calling a vet and various animal services groups, we figured out the best thing was to take him up to the shrubbery behind out house, make him comfortable and try to feed him and help him get back on his feet.

I gave him some kitten food and water and he gobbled it down like there was no tomorrow. He was starving!

He can come and go as he pleases and has food and shrubbery. He seems happy for now, he keeps coming back.

When he rolls up, he's a little smaller than a tennis ball. We call him "Piggen" (~Spike in Norwegian)

Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Order: Insectivora
Family: Erinaceidae
Subfamily: Erinaceinae

The classifications on my photostream are in most cases "best guess" classifications by myself or other amateurs. The accuracy may in some cases be questionable. Constructive comments and/or corrections are encouraged.

what to feed baby kittens

what to feed baby kittens

Petz Rescue Wildlife Vet

Play as a young vet, who has just opened his/her first animal clinic. Take care of your neighbors’ domesticated pets, as well as the local exotic baby animals. Diagnose, cure, observe and heal the animals to gain your clients’ confidence and respect. Uncover the mystery behind the animals’ illnesses. Investigate to find out if the local factory could be polluting the rivers and thus be causing the animals’ diseases. Face real challenges on the journey to becoming a great veterinarian, and possibly join one of the world’s most prestigious NGOs.

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