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Toxic Baby Bottles

toxic baby bottles

toxic baby bottles - Thinkbaby BPA

Thinkbaby BPA Free Starter Set, Orange/Natural, 0-12 Months

Thinkbaby BPA Free Starter Set, Orange/Natural, 0-12 Months

thinkbaby BPA Free Starter Set
The New thinkbaby™ Starter Set is the perfect gift or start set for any parent. The set includes 4 baby bottles and six nipples. The 5oz baby bottles are outfitted with slow flow cross cut nipples (designed for 0 to 3 months). The set also contains 2 of polypropylene 9oz baby bottles with medium flow nipples (designed for 3 to 6 months). And finally thinkbaby has included 2 fast flow nipples (designed for 6 to 12 months). All of the nipples feature thinkbaby’s simple one-piece, anti-colic design. Anti-colic systems help reduce the incidence of gas and spit up by reducing the vacuum pressure created while your child is drinking. The unique system is easy to clean with no extra parts to worry about.
All of the bottle parts can be washed in the dishwasher. thinkbaby recommends utilizing the top rack.
With the starter set, you get every speed of nipple (all nipples are labeled Level 1, 2 and 3 for easy identification). This will provide you with the ability to see which flow rate works best for your little one, as all children feed at different rates. This also means that if you purchase this for a gift, you won't have to concern yourself with making sure that you've purchased the appropriate product.
The ultimate in green - Transform your thinkbaby™ 5oz PP or 9oz bottles into our trainer cup with our conversion kit.
All thinkbaby products are free of bisphenol-A (BPA), nitrosamines,PVC, lead, phthalates, melamine, and biologically harmful chemiclas.
thinkbaby does not use plastic windows into products. Most of these are made from PVC and therefore could leave a residue on the bottle. Second, thinkbaby feels it unnecessarily adds to the plastic footprint.
thinkbaby uses third-party laboratories and audit firms to ensure that our products adhere to our strict chemical standards.

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BPA Free Baby Bottles Online

BPA Free Baby Bottles Online

BPA Free Baby Bottles Online


BPA Free Baby Bottles Online came to us in the hope of building a website that had a focus on non-toxic feeding and storage products and wanted to base their business on 500 products.

BPA Free Baby Bottles Online also wanted to target certain phrases with a mix of keywords, wanted a fairly large amount of SEO copywriting done, and wanted a strong Google Adwords marketing campaign.


As BPA Free Baby Bottles Online is purely an online business the value of a good Google Maps optimised listing was far less important, therefore the importance was on the look and feel of the website, the security of the shopping cart, the effectiveness of keyword placement, SEO copywriting & good keyword scores for various words within their Google Adwords campaign.


With a build time of around six weeks the BPA Free Baby Bottles website was launched in conjunction with a very strong Adwords marketing campaign that saw their chose keywords instantly start to appear in rank #1 positions all across the internet.

Results in detail:

* Rank #1 for world search of “bpa free baby bottles” (278,000 results)

Curious Baby Playing With Bottles Under Sink

Curious Baby Playing With Bottles Under Sink

Curious Baby Playing With Bottles Under Sink. Yes, I took the bottles away from him about 2 seconds after I snapped the photo. The green bottle is empty, the other bottles are non-toxic, earth friendly.

toxic baby bottles

toxic baby bottles

Momo Baby Wide Neck Silicone Baby Bottle, Pink, 8 Ounce

The Momo Baby Silicone Bottle is the first of its kind with a 100% non-toxic odorless silicone body. It is BPA, phthalate, PVC, latex, and lead free. Due to the softness of the medical grade silicone, a two collar system is used to increase stability of the bottle. The lower secondary collar holds the bottle, and flow filter in place, while the main collar includes the cap and nipple as in standard bottle designs. The bottle comes with a slow flow silicone nipple and a flow control filter. A flow control filter controls liquid flow, prevents nipple collapse, and reduces air flow.

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